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Quiet Luxury

The essence of timeless elegance

A cashmere coat in camel, a simple white blouse with dark blue jeans, black sunglasses in her hair and a supple handbag with no logo - I get it, that's quiet luxury as a fashion style.

That's by no means new: understatement has always been chic, especially in social circles that can afford an expensive style. People who don't talk about money, but are sufficiently well-off. However, the new thing is that quiet luxury is spreading as you can witness on social media.

Stunningly chic or utterly boring?

Some say yes, others say no. Let's explore the phenomenon. Quiet Luxury initially emerged secretly and quietly in the fashion world.

We don't like to call it a "trend" because: It looks like quiet luxury is not just here for a few seasons. Rather, it's a sort of mindset, a conscious choice and a decision to live by certain values.


In general, the Quiet Luxury concept stands for a type of luxury defined by understatement, quality, craftsmanship and timeless elegance. As opposed to traditional luxury, which is often characterised by ostentatious and showy elements, Quiet Luxury strives for a subtle yet luxurious atmosphere based on refinement and sophistication.

Fashion trends, colours, patterns, style concepts - many elements of fashion influence interior design in one form or another. Quiet Luxury is no exception. Pink or beige - which colour wins when it comes to a shirt? And which one when it comes to a new sofa?

A perfect match

Private living has gained in importance in recent years. There has rarely been more remodelling, renovating, investing, updating and changing going on than now.

Our daily lives are characterised by stress of all kinds, by hustle and bustle and sensory overload. Resulting in an inner yearning for peace and recreation in the privacy of our homes. For the creation of “safe spaces” and of a secure environment, where the world has no access.


In addition, sustainable consumption is becoming increasingly important to the general public. Bigger, taller, more expensive — this is not what good taste means. Quality, craftsmanship and timeless elegance contrast with decades of excess and overconsumption in our society.

Quiet Luxury can be the answer to this. Understatement and high quality are essential if you want to create an oasis of peace and comfort.

Quality - a purely material factor?

The quality of materials, colours and shapes surrounding us in our private living space means much more than a mere material appearance. They express the desire for continuity and stability in everyday life, the desire for sharing a story with others.

After all, it is beyond dispute that life is all about connections and relationships. And the interior design of our private spaces reflects these desires using tangible elements of the real world.


Challenge accepted: Quiet Luxury & Modern Chalet

We are who we are and we live where we live: in the heart of the mountains. Architecture and interior design are always embedded in a context. The circumstances and the history of a place can be transformed into buildings and design. Why would the flooring in southern regions often be smooth and made of cool stone? Exactly. There are design elements in our region that are closer to us than others.


Peace, freedom and security

What we have learnt so far: Quiet Luxury is all about reduction. A serene ambience that lets the eyes rest, provides the mind with freedom and the soul with a home. Omission is the great art, as is a careful selection of colours, shapes and materials.

And that's where we face the challenge: Modern Chalet Style as we know, love and master it so well - how does it work with the rules of Quiet Luxury? Can they go together or do we have to make a choice?



Of course, the concept of Quiet Luxury combines well with a modern chalet style. Our images show how designers approach this. Our interior design team creates the ambience for private rooms, while our partners are responsible for the entire planning and design of the rooms in hotels.

The moment of truth

More than anything else, there are doubts as to if and how wood fits into the "Quiet Luxury + Modern Chalet Style". In fact, it is at the core of Alpine living and an excellent match for Quiet Luxury thanks to its quality and sustainability.

The key is to use smooth, sanded and satin-polished wood surfaces and to choose qualities with subtle textures and colours. Playing with different shades and finishes creates plenty of room for individual design. In contrast to a traditional chalet style, the amount of wood in a room is somewhat limited.


High-end or other premium raw materials for textiles fit into this design concept and go well with wood: wool is considered a traditional alpine material. However, add cashmere, mohair, or alpaca fibres and upgrade your woollen fabric even further.

Textiles generally are key: curtains, upholstered furniture, headboards, carpets, wall panels — they all call for beautiful fabrics. Fabrics and other home textiles absorb sound, provide insulation and create a cosy atmosphere.


Headboards and panels are a great “secret”: they are versatile and go perfectly with Quiet Luxury. Provided the materials, colours, and quilting chosen are of high quality, clean and subtle.

For example: Quiet Luxury in your bedroom

Where we spend most of the day and which is a perfect place for a design experiment: the bedroom. No other room requests as much privacy. Offering an intimate space to retreat and relax. High-quality materials, soft colour palettes and carefully selected pieces of furniture create the best ambience for this purpose. Good advice helps to find the right balance.



for private luxury in your bedroom


  1. The bed is the centrepiece. Investing in an excellent bed is worthwhile. But it should be good AND beautiful at the same time and match our personal style.

  2. On the one hand, a headboard is a must. A headboard, elegantly upholstered with high-quality textiles such as linen or velour with a high pile and in colours such as cream, beige, grey, blue, or other neutral tones, is obligatory. Leather — and ideally genuine leather — is also a chic option. Modern upholstered beds use the same fabric for all parts of the bed. This creates a calm overall look.

  3. The same applies when it comes to curtains. Beautiful curtains with a handcrafted look immediately create a cosy atmosphere. What about combining a light veil for privacy — preferably made from the finest linen or in a lace look — with lined curtains made from heavy linen or wool? The colour scheme blends in with the rest of the ambience, patterns are kept classical and minimalist, with simple checks or chevrons and they do not particularly draw attention.

  4. Quiet Luxury clearly wins over Modern Chalet when it comes to the remaining design elements: There are just a handful of home accessories and, if any, they are of superb quality. An elegant scented candle in a designer jar, a cashmere blanket with a simple window pane check, a carpet with barely visible organic shapes. 

  5. The same applies to the lighting: linear designer pieces can be a centrepiece, while all other lights are kept simple and functional. That's how they create a serene, relaxed atmosphere.

Last but not least: Sustainability

Sustainability is an essential aspect of “Quiet Luxury”.

Utilising expensive, high-quality materials not only guarantees durability, but also means that these materials can be easily recycled if necessary. Investing in durable furniture and materials that are eco-friendly and long-lasting is imperative.



In interior design, Quiet Luxury captures the essence of timeless elegance. The focus is on quality and investing in beauty and attention to detail. Instead of chasing the latest interior trends, the focus is on collecting things that give pleasure for a long time. Things that merit appreciation because of their special design or exquisite materials. To be achieved by choosing simple yet refined designs that will retain their relevance for decades.



“Silencing the house” — this is how minimalist concepts describe the first step towards a tidy, calm ambience. Others call it clearing out and decluttering. Whatever, it's definitely the first stage towards calm, subdued spaces in which shapes, materials, and colour schemes etc. sing rather than shout.

Images: home INTERIOR, Matthias Warter, Christoph Schoech, Angela Lamprecht