Are you uncertain whether or not we are the right partner for you? Do you have a question about the way we work, or would you simply like to find out a bit more about us?

We have been asked many things – and we are always happy to answer. If your question is not included, please get in touch with us at or +43 (0)5223 54770. We look forward to hearing from you!

Of course! The interior design department, which we have set up specifically to advise private individuals, is an important part of our portfolio. Young, highly trained interior designers look forward to your visit and are happy to handle each and every project with passion and joy. From a sofa set to the furnishing of an entire house.

If you have a specific interior design project in mind, such as new curtains or a new bedroom, we recommend that you make an appointment in advance by phone and plan for enough time. But if you would first like to get to know our style and the atmosphere in our house, just drop by and let the ambience work its magic on you. Should you have any questions, someone will always be there to answer them.

After making an appointment and where necessary, our consultants will also come to your home to take measurements on site or to assess the current conditions.

Staging spaces with fabrics is particularly dear to us. We dare say that we probably have the largest selection of fabric swatches around. However, we do not have specific quantities in stock. All fabrics are custom ordered for your project. We then work with them in-house: we have our own sewing workshop as well as an upholstery workshop.

Our planning services can vary, depending on the needs and size of the project in question. Accordingly, the costs for planning and the corresponding rates also vary. We offer four packages with different scopes of services: From floor plan drawings and material collages to supervision of construction work – everything is possible. In order to determine what this means for you in terms of costs, we recommend making an appointment and having a thorough discussion at our store.

We have our own sewing workshop as well as an upholstery workshop. Both workshops are staffed by a team of experienced experts who work hard to realise our clients’ individual requests for their living spaces.

We have an in-house sewing shop where professionals of their trade will be happy to custom make your curtains from fabrics purchased from us.

This varies depending on the design. Measurements are usually taken from the bottom edge of the rail or rod to the floor – this is then the final height.

In addition, you need to decide whether the curtain is to touch the ground, be extra-long or leave a gap. How much fabric is required should then be determined by a professional. In critical cases, it is advisable to have the measurement taken by a professional.

Depending on personal preferences, a curtain can touch the ground, drag on the floor or leave a gap. We usually sell our curtains so that they just touch the ground.

This varies, depending on the size of the furniture. It is possible to give an old, beloved piece a new lease on life with a particularly beautiful fabric. The required craftsmanship has its price. We will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate in advance.

Our in-house upholstery workshop is one of the few that still exist in our region. Experienced professionals and master craftsmen work here to create bespoke fauteuils, headboards, armchairs and much more.

Depending on the prerequisites, flooring purchased from us can also be installed by prior arrangement.

We have three assembly teams that set off from our warehouse every day to carry out on-site work at our customers’ premises. They are experienced craftsmen who work with the customer’s needs in mind to deliver effective solutions.

Yes, for a fee we also install small products purchased from us.

Synthetic leather is generally well-suited for frequently used rooms. Its care is not complex – HOWEVER, it is important to know a few rules so that it lasts as long as possible. Here, you will find a few tips and suggestions for the care and cleaning of synthetic leather which should be strictly observed.

The “new normal” demands that many surfaces be disinfected regularly. Not all materials can withstand this without rapid and visible wear and tear.

Our advice: Be very careful when using disinfectants on our fabrics and synthetic leathers. Depending on their composition, these substances can damage materials and surfaces.

If you nevertheless want to disinfect fabrics or synthetic leather surfaces, we recommend that you get a cleaning professional to sign off on the product you intend to use. Use sanitising agents or disinfectants only if they are guaranteed to be safe for use on textiles!

Regarding the hotel sector, we work exclusively with architecture and planning offices. If you are planning a conversion or new construction, we have several partners with whom we have achieved very good results over the past years.

If you are only planning a textile redesign, we are also happy to work with you directly. We recommend you get in touch with us so that we can discuss the issue at hand.

In the hospitality sector, we work exclusively with architects and planners. If you are thinking about a renovation or new building, we have a number of partners with whom we have had very good experience in recent years.

If you are just thinking about a change of textiles, we are able to work with you directly. The best thing is to contact us and we will find out together how to further proceed.