Focus Lighting

When it gets to our living spaces, we're right to be picky. Which makes it even more important to seek professional advice. Especially when it comes to lighting. A just finished private domicile as an example.

Our own homes are our sanctuary from the world. Here we can be who we are, or stage ourselves as we would like to be. The importance of lighting in this context is still being underestimated. Autumn is the perfect time of year to take a look at it.

Old wood, new lamps

Lea Fürhapter, head of our interior design department, on a concrete project and on the importance of lighting in particular: "This apartment is very special. Our plans and design proposals convinced the owner couple in such a way that we were finally asked to take care of the entire project from A to Z. This included the kitchen, the bathrooms, the carpentry work, etc. In addition, we supervised the entire implementation process, coordinated all the trades and were responsible for everything down to the last vase.

What was really exciting in this project was the special significance of lighting. There was enough awareness for it, and many wishes as well. Together with the client, we selected a combination of ambient lighting, focused light and decorative light. Then an outstanding professional implemented them accordingly. Thus, depending on the mood and requirements, the light in the rooms can be controlled individually.

Light sculptures. Another aspect in this apartment is the tremendous creative role of the luminaires. With their contemporary design, such as the rounded shapes, the indirect illumination and the light patterns on the walls, the otherwise rustic ambience is contrasted. The indirect coloured lighting strips are the icing on the cake.”