the Lech Valley Lodge, Warth am Arlberg

Flexible and functional, imaginative and fun — the interior design in hotels is supposed to meet many requirements. A task that makes our design team beam. Insights into beautiful hotels, episode 16.

Space and time to freely pursue your passion — that's the promise on the Lech Valley Lodge homepage.

Warth is situated right in the heart of the mountains, surrounded by picture-book peaks and a surprisingly wide and open sky.

After the end of the construction work, we went to the Lech for a talk with Sebastian Weissenbach.

Is the Lech Valley Lodge new?

Yes and no. There was an existing 4-star hotel from the 1980s that underwent a complete refurbishment. We added one and a half floors, extended the spa and built new underground parking spaces. Almost no stone was left unturned. As a result, the design creates a light, modern ambience with fun details and subtle references to the Alps.


How often do hotels need to update the building?

If a building is well-designed, it should be contemporary and timeless all at once. The design of the ambience should likewise last for years. We change small elements each year, guests like surprises.

They are mainly families, couples, groups of friends, people between 25 and 50, people inspired by social media. They expect quality down to the last detail and are design enthusiasts.


How did you find working with home INTERIOR?

We already knew the company from past experiences. Also, we usually choose to work with local partners. Andreas Zaderer, home INTERIOR's junior boss, was extremely committed to supporting us.

A building project like ours always involves many challenges and also a few surprises. Andreas solved it all like magic. You can only do that if a company is well organised and knows its trade.


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