Lech Valley Lodge

Warth am Arlberg

Starting a new page — that was the basic idea when the Weissenbach-Brenner family thought about the future of the business. They knew it would not suffice to simply change cushions or tablecloths. A major makeover was needed, along with the need to define a new vision for the hotel. 

The construction was done in 2023 on a very tight schedule. The business was only due to be closed for a few months, with the reopening taking place at Christmas. 

The challenge: in Warth, in an atmosphere that is obviously strongly influenced by the Alps, the ambience in the hotel was to honour and integrate traditions on the one hand. On the other hand, creating a modern cosiness, enabling an easy, free life in the mountains, garnished with some luxury details. 

Mission completed: The basic trick was the choice of materials, which are traditional with lots of wood, wool, and stone. A cheerful, shimmering velour gives them a real kick, while the colour palette remains in neutral, natural tones. Elegant living accessories in fresh colours highlight the interior and are real eye-catchers. Modern lighting, fun decorative items and carefully placed details complete the spacious lodges.

Click hier to read an interview with Sebastian Weissenbach, published in the magazine TIROLERIN in February 2024.



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