NOVA Moments Boutique Hotel, Pertisau (A)

Freedom and functionality, fantasy and fun – the demands placed on the interior design of hotels are many and varied. A challenge that makes our design team at home INTERIOR light up. Insights into beautiful hotels, episode 11.

Holiday resorts in Tyrol are having a hard time. High mountains, dark forests and our sky! How can the ambience keep up with that? The NOVA Moments in Pertisau on lake Achensee has the answer.

With the mountains at your back and the lake right in front of you, you are definitely ahead of the game. Tobias Strauß welcomes us for an on-site tour of the establishment. We talk about the project, about ideas and results.

What was the extent of the remodelling?

We completely restructured the existing 50 year old building. Many areas were stripped completely so that we could subsequently reorganise them. In addition, we added a number of extensions.


The new spa area is particularly striking: What was the concept?

We aspire to create a spa area that is an extended living space for our guests. Cosy and homely, luxurious and with all the privacy you need, an ambience that goes beyond pure functionality.


How have you achieved this?

The interior design concept of Geisler & Trimmel, our architecture and planning partner, proposed a composition full of emotion and style, with a clear reference to the surrounding nature. The look is very contemporary because of the light, smooth wood, which goes well with the beautiful fabrics and the patterned wallpapers.


“Private” spaces are important in this context. How do you create them?

Exactly. Privacy is a crucial ingredient for a relaxing and undisturbed experience. We like how this was achieved with modern shelves, large plants, airy curtains and fireplaces.


Images: home INTERIOR