Interior Design 2024: A look ahead.

Little secrets, big ideas

Anyone involved in design sees them coming with absolute certainty: trend forecasts at the beginning of a new year. Except that it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify overall trends.

If you insist on pinpointing one megatrend in interior design, it's the importance of individual ideas and of living up to your full potential.

Overall, a look at the interior design trends of 2024 reveals an inspiring fusion of individuality, closeness to nature and sustainable design. As a result, it will be increasingly important to dedicate intense and professional attention to designing rooms that suit your own personality.

Teresa Gruber, Interior Design

Personality & taste

Your individual values, personal taste and choices are gaining in importance and are seeking new forms of expression. In the context of interior design, this means that everything will serve a specific purpose and carry an individual meaning.

This can be a special focus on sustainability, a lifestyle full of fantasy, a focus on well-being and much more. A home reflects the unique personality of its occupants.


A Basic mood: Cosiness

One basic mood dominates contemporary interior design concepts: the desire for a cosy and inviting ambience in both private and public spaces. These are uncertain times and people are seeking refuge in what is familiar. Objects from earlier days, souvenirs from trips and objects and furniture that are charged with memories take on a new meaning.


An evergreen: nature's influence

In line with this, nature is the common denominator of many types of interior design.

While celebrating the beauty of natural elements, this trend shows the merging boundaries between nature and innovative technologies. New materials, often a mixture of natural and artificial elements, create exciting aesthetics.


Colour Storys

This trend's colour scheme is a well-balanced composition of soft and often earthy tones, such as neutral sand tones, warm terracotta colours, versatile shades of grey and fresh green. These colours radiate warmth and tranquillity as well as a nature-inspired serenity.


On materials for this "trend"

In general, we perceive natural materials such as wood, stone, leather, wool, linen, glass and many more as particularly precious. They are robust, of high quality and durable. Man-made materials often imitate nature, but also allow us to overcome its limitations. They are frequently easier to care for, and in addition they meet the requirements of public areas.


Contemporary shapes

When it comes to shapes, organic and sculptural elements create a peaceful and harmonious ambience. Curved furniture, from sofas and armchairs to elements of kitchen design, are part of this trend.


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