"Lakeside moments at the Achensee", that's Scholastika's promise. What you will grasp immediately is that this is a very relaxed place. You can chill out, barbecue, party, enjoy and sink your gaze into your beautiful companion's eyes or into the lake - everything is possible. It's an ambience for the timelessly young, for all those who still harbour a dose of youthful bravado.

And it shows in the interior design, too. The revamped restaurant is nowhere near the familiar clichés of the area. Deer, checks and the like are missing.

This is the way modern people interpret coziness: with lots of upholstery, wonderfully tactile fabrics and a muted color scheme that makes room for colorful gatherings. Bouclé - we love it! Look how beautiful the seating in the restaurant has turned out. Velvety velour and coarse woven fabrics with a melange effect add some variety. One little flower is acceptable, but elegantly subdued on a pretty cushion.

Throughout, a charming and humorous approach towards the long history of Scholastika is noticeable, with a wink instead of a lecture. That's how it's done here, and that's how it's fun to deal with history while enjoying a fine drink on the lakeside terrace.


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