New trend: Upholster

Just now is the right time to think about upholstery. In autumn, we like to create a cosy and soft nest for ourselves for the winter.




... as well as the bedroom and any other place, really. This applies to private living as well as to the design of rooms, suites, restaurants, lounges and wellness areas in hotels.

Quilted fabrics offer one option for upholstery. We have been seeing them coming for a while now, but what is currently on display in our Design Centre’s fabric department defies the limits of imagination. No basic fabric that is not quilted. Velour or velvet, synthetic leather or coarsely woven upholstery fabrics – they all are backed with fleece and quilted.

The days of straight seams are long gone. Today, you will see quilting that looks like a plait, like a braid, like a puzzle or like a flower meadow, with quilted plain fabrics as well as patterned quilts.


Padded panels are also enjoying a surge in popularity. Cocooning remains en vogue: in their homes, people want to surround themselves with a protective shell. Fabric-covered, padded wall panels meet exactly this need.

They appear rich and full, dampen noise, feel good and are a great design element. Depending on your needs, our artisans in the upholstery workshop adjust the thickness of the foam board before covering it with the chosen fabric.

A layer of fleece is added between the foam and the fabric. Similar to the topper on a mattress, this achieves the feat of making the upholstery firm and resistant, but at the same time soft to the touch.

The next step involves stitching or attaching the buttons. Panels can be room-high or serve as the headboard of a bed, be the back wall of a bench or enhance a wardrobe door.



In technical jargon, covering furniture is referred to as “decorating”. If you want to learn the craft of upholstery, you complete an apprenticeship as an “upholsterer/decorator”.

Our Design Centre in Mils is home to two workshops: a sewing workshop and an upholstery workshop. Both workshops are staffed by a team of experienced professionals. Some of them have been working there for several decades. The result is an immense wealth of experience that keeps on growing.

Furniture can come in all shapes and sizes. For our upholstery experts, a mixed team of old hands and young talents, both men and women, this is not a problem but rather a challenge that they welcome. Old, valuable furniture can be given a new lease on life with new upholstery. Be it special ideas of interior designers or ordinary upholstery work – they give their full attention to each and every product.

As with the shapes, there are no limits to the materials. Depending on the place of use, there are different requirements. In private homes, more delicate materials are usually welcome, while in hotels the fabrics have to meet certain specifications.