Trend: Metal colours in interior design in 2024

Everyday glitz and glamour

“There used to be more tinsel” — the famous Loriot quote was on everyone's lips in 2023 when the German humourist celebrated his 100th birthday. In any case, there used to be more tinsel on Christmas trees than there is today. In 2024, living will be more glamorous, but in a different way.

In 2024, metallic colours will add a touch of luxury and coolness to our living spaces. Silver tones and bright chrome are the stars of this trend, which reflects the zeitgeist of Generation Z and of the Millennials.

A glamorous trend for 2024

If you want to play it safe, stick with the familiar and proven neutral colour palette. (Perhaps a touch monotonous?) 2024 breaks with this tradition, with metallic colours taking on a new role in interior design.

Silver comes in various shades from polished aluminium to shiny stainless steel. It creates a refreshing and cool feeling, a tiny bit tough.


The role of chromium

Chrome is just as popular as silver. It represents high-tech, urbanity and understatement. From chrome-plated surfaces in the kitchen to shiny chrome chairs in the living room - this metallic finish creates accents and a contemporary atmosphere in any room.


What is the function of metal in interior design?

What was once considered a daring choice is now becoming mainstream. Tried-and-tested, neutral colours are reliable and radiate a sense of calm and mindfulness. Sometimes the interior design offers a counterpoint: Something harder, more eye-catching and innovative “disrupts” the atmosphere and creates interesting breaks.

Metallic colours are no longer an extravagant choice, but rather a statement of individuality and a sense of style.


Versatile metallic colours

Metallic shades are extremely versatile, and so they can work well in different interior design styles. From a modern and minimalist look to a glamorous and opulent ambience, silver and chrome adapt to different design preferences.

The important thing is that interior designers understand how to use the metal shades. Selective accents are one thing, and complete surfaces are another. Depending on the purpose of the interior design planned for a specific room, the options for the use of metal tones vary.


A glimpse into the crystal ball

Metallic shades, especially silver and chrome, are one of the interior design trends for 2024, bringing glitz and glamour to our interiors and reflecting the style preferences of younger generations. 

Those who don't dare or don't feel comfortable with these colours, can easily resort to home accessories or fabrics, especially when it comes to eye-catching metallic shades. They can be quickly introduced into a design concept and replaced just as easily if you don't like them any longer.


Images: home INTERIOR, Shutterstock