Chalet Living

Alpine chic with an urban touch

Modern Chalet Living

What happens when you design private spaces using unexpected elements? When it's just fun to challenge set concepts? When, for example, a pinch of Milan is added to an Alpine chalet?

Charming Alps meets urban style — this is how we describe the modern chalet style, which has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Rustic furniture, traditional fabrics, heavy wooden panels and the evergreen deer trophy — you no longer see that today.

Instead, contemporary chalets favour a more reduced style reflecting the surrounding nature. The GOINGhome chalet is a perfect example of this fusion of a traditional and contemporary living style in the Alps.

A vision of modern alpine chic

25 years after it was founded, home INTERIOR has become a renowned specialist for creating and realising this style. When it comes to hotels, the company acts as partner of the best planners and architects in the industry. For private residences, we offer the entire range of services from planning to construction supervision.

"We cover every aspect of this niche, but we are also moving forward towards a more contemporary approach," says Monika Kruselburger, CEO. "We notice that "modern alpine chic" is so much better at expressing the modern way of life."


Tradition with a contemporary touch

A clever combination of traditional and contemporary elements defines modern chalet style. Wood, stone, leather, furs and light-coloured fabrics create a harmonious ambience that radiates both cosiness and modernity.

„Only the stag has remained,“ explains Monika Kruselburger, referring to the modern interpretation of traditional motifs, which can often be found in abstract form on upholstery fabrics. Using the most diverse techniques, from traditional embroidery to delicate watercolours depicting a family of stags coming out of the misty forest.


Where you feel at home

Designing holiday homes in a modern chalet style demands a thorough understanding of atmosphere and style. In recent years, wood with its distinctive character was the material of choice for walls and ceilings. This trend appears to have slowed down. Today, designers still use a lot of old wood, although they prefer smoothly sanded and sometimes varnished surfaces. It's easier to care for and less rustic, making it more suitable for daily life.

Single antiques items and black and white photographs with historical motifs are a popular design element for a lifestyle focused on quality and durability. They tell a story and add a personal touch to the room, resulting in a place where visitors quickly feel welcome and at home.


Tips for creating a modern chalet-style

# 01: Be bold when choosing fabrics

Eye-catching fabrics are a design statement, they accentuate the room and add an individual touch. Modern chalet style embraces all kinds of fabric qualities, ranging from natural materials such as soft wool and coarse linen to sophisticated silks.


#02: Cheerful colours

Go beyond the colours of wood to add warmth and character to your room. Wood is available in a range of shades, which are a perfect background for bold colour choices.

One more thing: Don't forget to check out the base colour of the wood. For example, if the wood has a yellow base colour, the fabrics should reflect this.


# 03: Mission possible

Combine traditional elements with modern accents to create a unique and contemporary look.

Read about the GOINGhome chalet, where we describe how we use shapes and colours to mix contemporary and traditional styles (e.g. a straight-lined armchair in a trendy, lightning blue velour, etc.).


Modern chalet style is more than just a design trend. It expresses our lifestyle, combining the beauty of nature with the comfort and elegance of modern living.

Having the necessary expertise and a feel for atmosphere and style is essential for making well-considered design decisions. It's easy to drift into the cheesy side of Alpine living or to loose the balance of individual elements. That's where experts come in. Home INTERIOR has played a key role in shaping modern chalet style and we continue to set new benchmarks for contemporary, private living in the Alps.

Images: home INTERIOR, Matthias Warter