Beautiful, but naked!

A case for bedspreads

Perhaps it's too much to say it's an insider's tip.
But it seems it is quite unknown what a bedspread can do for the design of a bedroom.

Style-conscious people know the dilemma: You stand in front of the mirror, fully dressed, it's the last glance before you leave. Everything fits, has been selected carefully, matches, has style and esprit. But is your outfit really perfect? Is it complete? Are the details right? Maybe a scarf, earrings, sunglasses?

Bedspreads are home accessories. Things you don't necessarily need for the basic functions of a room. Whereby: You can always argue about enough cushions on the sofa ...

Define bedspreads

Bedspreads are covers that are placed on the bed to protect it and to provide extra cosiness. They come in different sizes, colours, patterns and materials. So, there are bedspreads for everyone's taste and matching your personal or desired style and your interiors.


So, bedspreads are convenient. What else?

How about: versatile and aesthetically pleasing? Discover why you can't possibly overestimate the role of bedspreads when you decorate a room.


5 reasons for using bedspreads

  1. Create stylish highlights: Bedspreads are the icing on the cake in interior design. They introduce colours, patterns and textures into the ambience and significantly shape it.

  2. Protect the bed: Bedspreads protect beds from dust, dirt and wear. This considerably prolongs the life of the bed linen and the mattress. Hygiene aspects cannot be overestimated. For example, what if you want to rest a little on the bed in your hotel room in the afternoon while wearing street clothes?

  3. Update easily: If you wish to add a different touch or a fun zing to the bedroom, but can't or don't want to make any major changes, a bedspread is a great solution. In the blink of an eye, it can be replaced, and the room has an entirely new look.

  4. Multipurpose use: Bedspreads not only work well on beds, but also on sofas, armchairs or as wall hangings. So, they can be used differently in all kinds of rooms.
  5. Cosy feel: When it's freezing, many a bedspread stays overnight and keeps your feet warm. Or it moves onto the sofa or into the reading chair on such days and turns it into a real cosy place.

So, what have we learned about bedspreads?

Bedspreads often add the finishing touch to a room. They help you transform your bedroom or living space into a place that is not just functional, but that also reflects your personality and taste.

Once the bedspread has moved in with, you realise what was missing before. After all, it's frequently the details like bedspreads that make the biggest difference. And that can transform a home from “beautiful but naked” to “accomplished and stylish”.


Take a test!

Put a blanket on your bed,
at minimum over the lower third, better up to half or even better further up. Mattress, sheets, duvet - everything is nicely hidden. Immeres in the room and let it work on you. And then do the whole thing without a bedspread. Capito?

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