Our creative treasure:

Our materials library

The core of our creative work!
In this blog article, you will learn how our impressive pool of materials enhances our creative work: when we ourselves develop private residential projects and when we collaborate with planners and architects.

At home INTERIOR, we strongly value variety and quality. Our materials library contains an amazing selection of high-quality materials that nurture the creativity of our customers and of our design team. Spanning from luxurious fabrics to authentic wood patterns - you'll find it all here.

Paradise for fabrics lovers

Interior fabrics must accomplish a great deal. Some rest casually on sofas, others lounge in armchairs or are transformed into wall panels or headboards. Then there are fabrics that prefer to lounge by the window. Some are delicate and breezy and live well as curtains, others are functional, like blackouts or dimouts.

The multitude of fabric samples we have in stock at the Design Centre is as diverse as the actual demands. A variety that might easily overwhelm if it weren't for our advisors, who know exactly where to find special fabrics, what suits best and fits into the budget.


Wood – a huge variety

Wood is an essential part of our interior design philosophy. Our collection of wood samples includes standard types of wood, but also samples of exquisite woods and special wooden flooring that can transform any room into a masterpiece. Oak creates a warm ambience, walnut is highly elegant and planks of unusual size are powerful design elements.

Another “trick”: moodboards

Our materials library is a real playground for our interior design team. Everything that belongs to a project goes on the moodboard: materials, colours, inspirations, quotes.

Little by little, the mood board is slimming down: with every conversation, materials, shapes and colours grow more and more specific. Until the moment of truth is reached and it is time to take a decision. At that point, the moodboard is finished and everyone knows: This is how we will stage the ambience.


Working with our materials library

The home INTERIOR materials library is our "secret formula" for the creative design of interior design projects. This includes projects for the private sector as well as hotel or commercial projects. Parts of this " chest of treasures" are freely accessible in our Design Center in Mils, others may be used exclusively by the design team.


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