The Team Forsthofgut Campus

Living in a hotel – but not as usual! In this episode, we take a look at what it's like when you live where you work.

Hotel staff accommodations are common. In times of staff shortages however, hotels develop new concepts for enhancing their attractiveness as an employer.

The project

“Extraordinary experiences making a difference in people's lifes” — this true for guests and for the staff alike. With this concept in mind, a new space was designed: A refuge, a space for relaxed breaks and for socialising with teammates.

The Schmuck family, owners and hosts of the Naturhotel Forsthofgut, commissioned the construction of a new building for this purpose. Geisler & Trimmel were assigned with the architecture and interior design, while home INTERIOR was once again responsible for the realisation.


Why a campus with this level of quality?

"No matter how exceptional we design our Forsthofgut, in the end it's just a shell: Connections and personal encounters make our hotel special – and that's where our employees play an essential role," Christina and Christoph Schmuck explain on the website.


The team colour: green

The team colour green represents a sense of shared blooming, of development and growth. It conveys a sense of safety and belonging. Bold colours and patterns accentuate Geisler & Trimmel's interior design concept and give the rooms an individual character. This creates a fresh and positive atmosphere and makes them the perfect place to relax and socialise.


Breaking new ground

With its new team campus, the Forsthofgut demonstrates how a modern company cares for its employees. The campus was given the same amount of consideration and professional care as all other design projects at this renowned 5-star hotel in Leogang.


Images: Naturhotel Forsthofgut