The Granvara Relais & Spa Hotel

Flexible and functional, imaginative and fun — the ambience in a hotel is supposed to meet many requirements. A task that makes our team beam with joy. Insights into beautiful hotels, episode 13.

We are always particularly excited when hotels are located in a fabulous mountain setting and need to develop a unique identity. Not an easy challenge, considering the Dolomites that graciously look down on the Granvara Relais & Spa Hotel.

A fireplace, delicate snowflakes, the forest and the mountains – the Granvara Relais & Spa Hotel welcomes us on its website with a fine, fluffy winter atmosphere. And with the message: So close to nature. So far from the hustle and bustle. Visiting the hotel after completing the latest renovation for a chat with host Gabriela von Krüger.

What's the hotel's identity against this backdrop?

Anyone growing up in the mountains knows that they deserve respect and a sense of modesty. We invite them into our interior using large windows. Nature is ever-present, for example when it comes to the choice of materials and colours.


Which spaces are new in 2023?

25 rooms with bathrooms, the reception, the bar and the lounge – a refurbishment lending a fresh and contemporary feel to the ambience. Each year since 2018, we have remodelled a large section of our hotel. Now we are wrapping up this long-term project.


What is the idea underlying the design?

The Granvara exudes subtle luxury, often when it comes to the most simple things. Furthermore, people are particularly important to us. We conceive our house as modern and full of light, but at the same time cosy and warm and inspired by the mountains. This is reflected in the choice of wood and stone, which echo the mountains all around as a stylistic element.


How do you work with home INTERIOR?

Look at how long we have been working together. In 2005 when my husband and I took over the hotel we started our collaboration. Each and every project has been successful. We speak the same language, home INTERIOR is quick and always helpful.


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