The Franks, Oberstdorf (D)

Flexible and functional, imaginative and fun — the interior design in hotels faces many challenges. A task that makes our design team shine. Impressions of beautiful hotels, episode 12.

Five stars sparkle at the Franks — and so guests have the highest standards and expectations, including for the interior design. After completing our job, we visited the hotel and wanted to experience the ambience and have a chat with host Cora Bethke-Frank.

Spending time with friends — what does that mean exactly?

This is a fundamental mindset that shapes all our decisions. We are a five-star hotel, but we have a different approach towards the common concept of luxury. It's a casual luxury, friendly and always focussed on our guests.


Can you give us an example of the concept of “casual luxury”?

We attract guests with great attention to design details. They recognise and appreciate when we communicate our philosophy by means of our interior design. An obvious example is the floor lamps in the lounge area. The lampshades are positioned slightly askew and lend the ambience a cheerful touch.


Which areas are new?

We have redesigned the bar area and added various lounge areas. The Gipfel Spa has been added from scratch.

The Gipfel Spa rounds off the fundamental concept of our hotel. We already have a Garden Spa and a Valley Spa. This is how our natural surroundings are reflected inside the hotel: from the valley up to the mountain. We are convinced that this concept suits us and is important for our daily work.


Let's talk about the colour red!

With pleasure. Red is very special in our context. It's an alpine, rather warm shade of red that we've chosen to include. It has a very special role in our interior design.

When used with great care and applied with a great deal of expertise, the colour red can charge a room with emotion. We combine the traditional with the contemporary, albeit in a very subtle way. That's what we like.


Please tell about the construction process.

Alpstein Architects with Jessica Sänger knew right from the start that we were going to work with you. When we met for the first time to work on this project, you presented us with a huge selection of fabrics, wallpaper and much more. We worked with Lea, Alpstein and their respective teams for a whole day. And we got very far that day and knew that we had made the right decision.


How did you come across home INTERIOR?

We like to visit beautiful hotels in our neighbourhood. Doing that, we have discovered that you have designed and refurbished many of them. We started out with small projects, sofas, carpets and wallpapers.

I have always been impressed by the sense of customer service that is evident throughout everything you offer. It quickly became clear that we would also do a larger renovation with you.


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