Rieser Achensee Resort, Pertisau (A)

Freedom and functionality, fantasy and fun – the demands placed on the interior design of hotels are many and varied. A challenge that makes our design team at home INTERIOR light up. Insights into beautiful hotels, episode 8.

Today we visit the Rieser Achensee Resort in Pertisau. We are presentlydiscovering how many unique luxury hotels there are on Lake Achensee. Far away from conventional hotel concepts, the Rieser Achensee Resort has found an independent style. An approach that regular guests – families and couples as well as singles – appreciate in equally.e.

Gabi Rieser, hotel manager and owner of this family-run hotel, describes the latest refurbishment and talks about her experiences with our interior design team. We meet in the SkyLoft, which is located on a newly added floor – with a breathtaking view of the lake and - woow! — a private infinity pool.

Location is what matters most

The Rieser Achensee Resort is conveniently located between the Karwendel mountain range and lake Achensee. Everything you need for a Tyrolean vacation is available right on the spot.

Outdoors & Indoors. How does the interior at the Rieser respond to the fantastic surroundings capturing everyone's attention? The Rieser family decided on a radical remodeling.


Why a project of this dimension?
What was your basic idea?

Our idea was to create distinct spaces for all guests, regardless of their age. We consider ourselves a house of different generations for different generations.

There is a family wing, a toddler area and an adults-only space. Everyone should have a great time and feel at home.


What happened during the conversion?

We completely stripped many rooms. Our goal was to create larger spaces for people to feel comfortable, have space, get cosy, and have peace and quiet from the world. So we enlarged some rooms and suites by merging rooms. And, of course, the biggest venture: We added a floor. Here we have our luxurious suites with a view of the lake Achensee.


As we talk, we are in the SkyLoft. What's so special about it?

The SkyLoft is our gem. Its cosy, light and serene ambiance paired with enough space for the whole family – everything falls into place here.

A contemporary colour scheme based on a subtle blue tint, the bold floral patterns on the wall and even the decorative feathers – this all combines to create an intriguing ambience.


How did our partnership come about?

We value and respect our local roots, hence our collaboration with Geisler & Trimmel. That's how we first found got in touch with you. We couldn't possibly choose better. Together we have taken all the interior design decisions.

The core message of the design is: A connection with nature and our surroundings, harmony and durability .


What do your guests think of the redesigned areas?

They are completely in awe! Some love the newly designed interior utterly and have already booked another visit.

Our guests particularly enjoy the stylish and tasteful interior, with its warm and cosy feel. At the same time, it has a contemporary look and works with unusual colours and patterns. We are on the right track!


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