Chesa Monte, Fiss (A)

Freedom and functionality, fantasy and fun – the demands placed on the interior design of hotels are many and varied. A challenge that makes our design team at home INTERIOR light up. Insights into beautiful hotels, episode 6.

Today we are visiting the Hotel Chesa Monte in Fiss, a beautifully situated mountain village at over 1,400 meters above sea level. Accordingly, the views are magnificent, seasoned Tyroleans can feel the summer mountain breeze and smell the scent of snow. During summer and winter, guests and locals love the village. As a result, the touristic offer is very varied.

We have a chat with Carina Winkler, owner and hotel manager through and through, about her house, her philosophy and how all this affects the design work.

Mindfulness, love, quality

Carina Winkler has made a decision: in favour of a warm atmosphere, a charming ambience and a direct route into the hearts of her guests. The design of the rooms and suites, the history they convey, the aura – everything is in the hands of the hostess.

“Mindfulness, love and quality”, that's how Carina Winkler describes the character of her hotel in three words. Values that also apply to the design work.


How do you feel about working with us?

Over the past year and a half, we have been working together to design and create a new, contemporary ambiance throughout the house. Our design team is passionate about working with fabrics. An approach that Carina Winkler likes. “When I come to Mils, everything is so perfectly prepared for our creative work: patterns, styles, concepts, advice. It's a great place to shop. Chapeau!”


Fabrics & Fiction

The newly designed areas express this shared passion. The overall mood is set by a calm, coherent colour scheme using natural grays, blues, browns, greens, and soft contrasts. Bold colour choices - like the red pouf - and unusual fabrics - like the heavy upholstery fabric in patchwork look - create individual highlights.


What changes when you redesign?

“Amazing how the new ambience has an overall effect on the atmosphere. You can feel a different flow in the house, we are uplifted by a fine and relaxed energy,” Carina Winkler is describing how the “new” Chesa Monte feels. “home INTERIOR is our counterpart in this and supports our goals with creativity and first-class quality work.”


Four stars & one S

Carina Winkler pursues her philosophy at Chesa Monte in a relaxed and persistent way. She is constantly working on creating the best possible experience for her guests. Her reward: Recently, the hotel has been awarded the much sought-after S as in SUPERIOR. Congratulations!


Images: home INTERIOR