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We consider our company to be a centre of competence for the staging of spaces. We are partners who operate at eye level when it comes to high-quality, discerning living concepts and hotel projects. For us, the “feel” is just as important as the “look” – a philosophy that Monika Kruselburger and Helmut Zaderer have embodied with a passion for 25 years now. 

To celebrate our company’s 25th birthday, we gave ourselves a little gift: for the redesign of the Mils Design Center, we slipped into the shoes of our customers and tested out our proven processes on ourselves as part of this makeover.

The result is a classy and reserved ambience that offers a space into which a range of living environments can be projected in a modern atmosphere.
 Above all, however, the aim is for visitors to feel warmly welcomed as guests and exceptionally well advised. A goal that every team member pursues with passion every single day.


“We’ve come a long way: from a simple curtain shop with a sewing service to the comprehensive offers we provide today”, recalls Monika Kruselburger.  The family company, with its exclusive spaces of inspiration and creativity, offices and a sewing and upholstery workshop in the Mils business park, has felt firmly anchored in Tyrol since 2007.


Team spirit and a good work-life balance, just like diversity, have always been key pillars of the company’s philosophy and reasons for its lasting success. What we’ve achieved is thanks to a great deal of commitment, courage and visionary thinking. Which is why providing motivated young people with future prospects even away from the beaten path is a matter that is near to our hearts.


home INTERIOR has been the perfect partner for architectural and planning firms in the area of high-quality hotel projects for 25 years, but that’s not all. In the context of private living in particular, the team really comes into its own: from the first creative brainstorming session to the planning, sampling, visualisation and practical implementation, everything can be done in house.

In the partially remodelled Design Center in Mils, design lovers will find a true treasure chest in which to browse and marvel in the form of the extensive material library of fabrics, stone, wood, metal and much more.

Customers will always receive expert advice, because for our interior designers, project collaborations mean listening carefully and telling individual stories. We strive to be charming, authentic and truly present as human beings. Our “recipe for success” for 25 years.

“Right from the start, we worked very closely together with several customers. Little by little, we fine-tuned our product programme and the project management and got it up to the level it’s at today. Continuity within the team is important to us. We develop individual career paths and put our trust in people’s capabilities. Those who work hard and are savvy can go far with us.”


Monika Kruselburger, director, head of sales

“Our radius of action primarily encompasses Tyrol and the German-speaking countries. Mountain & chalet living is our very own original niche, which we are constantly enhancing and combining with trends from all over the world. This year, we implemented a major renovation on the ground floor and will hold an exhibition on the first floor in summer. In our case, we always go all the way and create everything entirely from scratch.”

Helmut Zaderer, director, designer, visionary

“In the hospitality sector, we work exclusively with partners such as planning and architectural firms. As part of a team, we’re able to offer customers a full-service package. Our work is extremely professional, always individual and absolutely trustworthy.”

Andreas Zaderer, junior manager, project sales

Images: home INTERIOR; Birgit Pichler/TIROLERIN