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Infinite sun protection

for the outdoor salon

Days spent outdoors, on mountains or by the sea - today nobody would dream of doing this without a good sun cream. The best place is in the shade under a tree or a sunshade. We protect ourselves as best we can. However, we tend to overlook the fact that our homes also need sun protection.

Yet the demand for good sun protection products for patios, the balcony or windows is increasing rapidly. A sign that many people have recognised how important they are. As a result, roller blinds, sunblinds, awnings etc. must increasingly fulfil aesthetic requirements.

Especially in the context of modern contemporary life in the mountains, the aesthetic fusion of indoor and outdoor areas is becoming increasingly important.


& Quality of life

We spend a lot of time indoors. However, for us humans as natural beings, it is crucial to stay connected to nature. Outdoor living brings light and air and the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If we want our outdoor “spaces” to become real retreats, it is worth paying attention to their design.


Choosing outdoor fabrics and furniture is a crucial step when designing outdoor living spaces. Weather-resistant materials such as teak, powder-coated aluminium, concrete and premium rattan are durable and sophisticated. They are designed for outdoor use and are durable enough to withstand the elements, yet also offer a lot in terms of design.

We love sunshine, but we need shade. In the mountains, where the sun's rays can be intense, effective sun protection is essential for a pleasant ambience. There are many solutions such as parasols, sun sails, awnings and pergolas - unless large trees are available to provide shade. What's more, they are also aesthetic elements defining and accentuating the outdoor area.

The basics of sun protection

A quick rundown


Classics with style

Parasols, the most traditional form of sun protection, are mobile, versatile and can be real eye-catchers. High-quality manufacturers provide the option of choosing individual fabrics, thus creating a design highlight in your outdoor area. On top of this, they are suitable for small balconies and frequently feature a convenient tilting mechanism. Their disadvantages: they only provide partial shade, tend to cover small areas and can easily sway in strong winds.



fancy & flexible

Awnings are an alternative for those who do not want a traditional parasol. Their advantage: large-area can be protected from the sun, topped off with airy lightness and a feeling of freedom. — After all, there are no annoying poles and there's plenty of covered space.

With the proper mounting and inclination, awnings can be a striking design element. However, as awnings are usually left hanging for a longer period of time because of the way they are mounted (or out of sheer laziness), they can quickly become dirty. If there is not enough air all around — both literally and in terms of design — heat can also build up quickly.



functional & fun

Marquees are a classic choice for outdoor living spaces, especially in regions with lots of sunlight. The shaded area can be quite large and the choice of fabric provides ample design options. Modern marquees are easy to operate, durable and sometimes allow patio living in the first place.

They also provide shade for indoor spaces, a feature that can be essential if you are exposed to high levels of sunlight. Specific outdoor fabrics are resistant to sun exposure and retain their colour and feel whatever the weather.



Afternoon tea with the royals

Pergolas add a sophisticated touch to the garden, they are elegant and provide long-lasting protection from the sun.

Their unique design and solid construction lend pergolas a distinguished air and convey a sense of tradition and attachment to a specific location. They are particularly popular in areas where the sun's rays are strong and effective sun protection is essential. Or where it drizzles quite easily — as is the case with the Royals.


TIPS & Tricks


Invest a little time and thinking - and you'll see: It's well worth it.

#1: Choose high-quality fabrics and furniture

Invest in materials specifically produced for outdoor use. Modern textile technology is the reason: what was once only intended for indoor use is now also suitable for the outdoors. Fabrics made from special yarns, with a fluffy feel and fancy or cool designs.

#02: Fabrics for a jungle feeling

Prints featuring exotic animals and plants create the perfect holiday feeling in your own garden and inspire dreams of travelling to faraway places. Of course, this looks best when the patio is surrounded by plants with a tropical feel.

#03: Lounging landscapes

Rugs, mattresses and cushions on the patio floor or pool deck provide a cosy atmosphere from the first ray of sunshine in the morning until sunset. And the best thing is that they not only look good, but are also flexible and easy to transport.

#04: Our favourite: the Love Seat

The so-called Love Seat is an extra-wide armchair for one and a half to two people who enjoy being close, or for one person who enjoys having plenty of space. A generous piece of furniture that doesn't take things too seriously — ideal for living with nature.

#05: Get a professional plan

Anyone can put up a parasol. However, smart shade planning is a task for experts. After all, it might be a good idea to use various solutions such as parasols, awnings and pergolas to ensure the best possible protection from the sun.

#06: Interior meets Exterior

Now: You put so a lot of effort into the design of your private living spaces, you choose, plan, have produced and order. Why should it be any different on the patio, on the balcony or in your garden? Make sure that the design of your outdoor living spaces is perfectly coordinated with the interior to create a harmonious overall look.

#07: There’s a light!

Candles, torches, a campfire — that's all great and quite romantic. What if you want to barbecue and eat fish, enjoy a nice glass of wine or flick through a magazine at twilight? Integrate various lighting elements to create an enchanting atmosphere and enjoy the space even after dark.

#08: Proper care

Make sure you look after and maintain your outdoor furniture and fabrics properly in order to extend their lifespan and preserve their beauty. Even if fabrics, upholstery and other materials endure the elements well and remain beautiful for a long time, you should not forget to look after them.

Outdoor living with a sense of style and convenience is more than just a trend - it's a way to enhance your quality of life and improve your well-being. By designing outdoor living spaces properly and using high-quality fabrics and furniture, you can create your own outdoor sanctuary that offers peace, calm and pleasure.

Images: home INTERIOR, Shutterstock; Northlight