The home INTERIOR assembly team is done with its work. The living space is clean, all the furniture is in its place, the lights and the curtains as well. What more could anyone want?

How about – atmosphere? Atmosphere is not something you can buy.

It emerges when a relationship is established between the individual objects in a room. When one and one end up being more than just two. When the sun rises in a room, when it becomes a nest for rainy days, the place where we can become one with ourselves. Maybe experience new things, feel differently.

Good. Bring it on. Our interior design experts reveal their secrets and show how they create almost magical connections between furniture, fabrics, materials and colours. Their secret sauce: decorative items – loved by many, viewed critically by others. Without them, nothing goes.

Pictures, vases, blankets, cushions, candles and more, there is a lavish variety of decorative items. Which ones Lea, interior designer for private living, and Heike, decorator in our Design Centre Mils, ultimately choose, depends on many factors. They ask themselves: What is behind the residential project? What story do the inhabitants tell? What type of a sense of humour do they have, what do they want to experience, achieve, and create in the new house?

Every carefully chosen object has a function and a precisely defined place. Every single candlestick is standing exactly where it should. Picture sizes are discussed, changed, optimised. Materials for blankets, patterns for bed linen – the two have a lot to do when customers decide to book the decorating service as well.

Those who do so, place a lot of responsibility in the hands of our experts. The reward is an exquisite atmosphere, a customised room setting with a spark of magic, be it in private rooms or in hotels.