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Interior design for private living

The smart choice

Aren't you lucky? Being faced with the challenge of turning your home into a place that really suits you and reflects your lifestyle and personality? In this blog article, we show how professional interior design specialised in residential projects can help you achieve all of this.

Interior designers are not just creative professionals, but they are also partners on the journey to the home of your dreams. So, what exactly are the benefits of working with an expert?



Professional support is invaluable when it comes to making a choice among millions of options: There are so many colours, materials, furniture and decorating styles - which can be overwhelming. Our interior design team helps you to find your way in this jungle.

Preferences, needs and budget are all equally important.


In search of THE UNIQUE

Hunting together

Unique as we all are, we want a home that reflects our individuality. Interior design can do just that: find out what really motivates you and what suits you. Maybe a pink sofa, maybe a brown leather lounge.

Which is the best reason for our interior design team for private homes to constantly stick its nose into the international design scene. They bring back a head full of fresh ideas from their trips to the world's design capitals — and the odd new discovery.



Heading for new shores

Granted: They can be a bit annoying, our designers.

They have ideas and challenge habits. They open up new spaces for thought and ultimately find innovative solutions together with you. A spot for your butterfly collection, a space for your seven cats or whatever else is close to your heart. Perhaps something you didn't even know you hold dear. And maybe even something you no longer want to be without.



And not just in the bathroom

A well-designed home translates directly into a sense of well-being. Just imagine: Every time you come home, you enjoy the cleverly designed wardrobe and then the cosy armchair with a view of the open fireplace.

Or you are proud of the fine materials used for flooring and furniture. Giving yourself value in the long term - living spaces can do that. The interior, the private sphere, is becoming increasingly important, a trend that has becom manifest, since it emerged during the crises of recent years.



Sometimes you talk about money

Of course, all this comes at a cost: creative work, planning, consulting, visualisation, implementation support and much more.

We promise: It's money well spent. After all, working with a professional team saves a lot of time and stress.

And: We are able to make the best possible use of your budget. We know where it pays to invest more money in quality, and we know where to find cost-effective solutions if required.



Our luxury package for your private residential project

Sounds promising and absolutely wonderful. And that's how it is supposed to be.

If you place the entire process of planning and implementing a private residential project in professional hands, you can enjoy its nicer parts without having to worry. Whenever issues or problems arise, a contact person from our team is there for you with good ideas and quick solutions.


Good to know

Some tips for your private interior design journey

Most people just have one single chance to fulfil their private living dreams. A lot is at stake, not least time, money and, above all, quality of life.


Communication is key: address and tell everything, really everything. This is the only way your interior design team can understand who you are and what suits you best.


Be inspired by new suggestions and give out-of-the-box solutions a chance. You can always say no later, but perhaps this one suggestion is exactly what you need right now.


An interior design project doesn't happen overnight. It is therefore essential to have a good, enjoyable time on the interior design journey. A time that brings new insights and opens up unfamiliar paths.

Professional interior design means investing in your well-being and your quality of life - that's how we put it in a nutshell. Interior designers are the curators of an experience going beyond simply designing rooms - rather, they are creators of living spaces that tell stories and evoke emotions.

We recommend: Let a passionate, experienced team help you transform your home into a space that expresses your personality and inspires you every day. Our interior design team for private living belongs to the top tier in Tyrol and far beyond its borders.

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