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3 good reasons for good planning

Your individual interior design project

Alongside with two remodeling projects in our Design Center Mils, we have analyzed and streamlined our interior design process for private projects, which has been tried and tested over many years. We have now brought it to the next level.

We are committed to ensuring that you perceive us as an appreciative, friendly and competent partner throughout all phases of your project. We successfully achieve this time and again, as many customers keep telling us..

If you are just starting your journey into your private living project, you might find it useful to take a close look at the services you can expect from us.

Time and money – invest it and save it

Well planned interior design will cost you time and money.

Both of which are excellent investments that will pay off in the long run. Expertise and know-how are essential for a perfect result. Find out about the skills and talents of our entire team and what they can do for you.


Reason # 1: Creativity combined with brains

The agony of choosing becomes a pleasure when creative minds come up with individual design suggestions. Interior design inspirations and ideas are plentiful – a glance at the socials proves it, and so do the many wonderful interior design magazines. Alpine style is great, but so is Mediterranean and so is Scandi. Who could possibly know them all?


Reason # 2: Troubleshooting

Experience pays off. We eliminate problems before they occur or tackle them in a smart way.

After all, something always seems to happen, especially when it comes to elaborate master plans and their implementation. Even we are sometimes taken by surprise. Which only adds to our motivation to identify potential problems before they even appear, and before you even notice them.


Reason # 3: Management

If requested, we can manage the entire process until the very end. Also called: our all-inclusive carefree package.

Beyond planning the interior design and supplying the products, we are happy to take care of all the details and steps until they are perfect. You can book different support packages, depending on what you wish to turn over to us.


Three excellent reasons for working with a specialized partner, don't you think? Professionally designing rooms to suit you, your needs and your personality – that's what we're all about.

Soon we will show you step by step precisely how we can support you in your private interior design project.