Four Steps to Happiness

So what happens when you visit us to start having a room, an apartment or an entire house redesigned or if you are getting married and will soon be setting up home? Don't worry, there is plenty of time for a few castles in the air and dreams, and we still go through it all systematically with you in these four stages:


First and foremost you need ideas – plenty of ideas. These will certainly surface as soon
as you have spent some time at our Flagship Store or our website. Now is the right time to speak with our consultants and interior designer

Get Acquainted

We will ask you a few discreet questions until we think we know what is important to you. Each consultation starts with a detailed conversation and is time well spent, because clarity about your demands in terms of functionality and aesthetics is the foundation of the next stage. For us there is no such thing as a “standard solution”. We are also delighted to come to your home and discuss your ideas with you onsite.

Working things out

So now we are ready, our pencils are sharpened and the basic layout has been sketched out.
Then the furniture gets shifted around, the colours agreed, and the measuring, planning and detailed work begins. We work closely with you on our proposals until we feel that your expectations and wishes in terms of furniture, materials and colours have been correctly interpreted.


Superb craftsmen are few and far between these days, but we have assembled an excellent team of them with many years of experience. Seamstresses, upholsterers, floor layers, paperhangers, joiners and decorators – they are all the best in their field and really know their trades. Leave the complete organisation and implementation of your room furnishing to us!