Inside home INTERIOR:

the Design Center Mils after the complete revamp

What happens when an expert in individual interior design takes action on his own behalf? A description of a self-trial.

Client in your own establishment – what does that feel? There's no one you know as intimately as your own business. How one thinks and who one wants to be. What helps during project work, what is inspiring, which atmosphere is right.

Trust the process. Going through our established processes ourselves throughout all phases: that's how Monika Kruselburger and Helmut Zaderer approached this project. "We wanted to walk in our customers' shoes and at the same time to create a contemporary atmosphere in our Design Center Mils."

Birthday present. With the redesign, Monika Kruselburger and Helmut Zaderer also celebrate the company's 25th birthday. "We've come a long way: from a simple drapery business with sewing services all the way to our present comprehensive services," says Monika Kruselburger, recalling.

1001 questions to our team. Detailed conceptual preliminaries resulted in a clear focus. The requirement: a balancing act between contemporary interior design, a good working environment and an inspiring ambience.

The result: a classy, understated style that simultaneously provides a basis for the projection of different living worlds.

Design work. Our enormous library of fabrics, stone, wood and metal and the great variety of furniture models at home INTERIOR is a true treasure. In addition, we have built two new meeting rooms for concentrated work with this wealth of materials and with all the ideas elaborated in advance by our team of consultants.

Further insights into the newly designed areas will follow over the next few weeks. The best advice: Visit the Design Center in Mils, immerse yourself in the atmosphere and get inspired for your own living projects.